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  • Eleni Georgiou

    B.HlthSci (Nut), B. Nut & Diet APD AN

    Eleni has a bachelor’s degree in health science, majoring in Nutrition and a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics.

    Eleni’s Greek heritage afforded a strong Mediterranean lifestyle which surrounded her by delicious food, embarking on a career based on food seemed only natural! Eleni is a strong believer in the power of food and is passionate about spreading this message to the wider community.

    The emphasis placed on social outings and the time-poor nature of the community sometimes make it difficult to maintain a healthy balance however Eleni has a thorough understanding of the needs of today’s society and aims to steer away from fad diets and trends and instead promotes good, wholesome eating that can be tailored to each person’s needs to create sustainable nutrition choices.

    The diverse nature of Eleni’s experience in the industry makes her a perfect candidate for any individual, at any level of health to find their medicine through food. She has had experience working with a wide variety of clientele, broad community projects, clinical and general settings as well as schools and youth programs.

    Fantastic communication and social skills provide Eleni with a unique ability to rapidly create rapport and trust between client and practitioner. She can tailor nutrition advice to address specific areas such as weight management and general health with a particular interest in chronic disease management and prevention.

    **Please be aware, as of July 1st 2023, consultation fees will apply to patients with a GP Management Plan. Please call our friendly reception team if you have any questions**


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